Sissy Phone Sex

I've have always struggled to present a normal faÁade of me to the people around me, to fit in, to be accepted. Unfortunately, this meant I couldnít look up for someone to live out my deepest fantasies. You see, I would love to become a sissy man for a very dominant woman, forced to wear women's clothes, especially lingerie and heels. Every day that went by it become harder and harder for me to keep these wishes and desires hidden inside me and I felt I was losing myself.

Until I overheard a conversation between two men on a cafeteria. One of them was explaining to the other he had just found a 25Ę phone sex line where the women fulfilled all the fantasies you might have, even the ones not so common, and the kinkiest you could imagine, forst just 25 cents a minute. I could have probably found that link with a simple Google search but my heart rate skyrocketed, and shut the whole world out, and concentrated on the men's conversation. So when the one praising the phone sex line gave his friend the number I was ready to write it down on my cell phone: 1 888 451 4079. Could it be true? Did they really fulfill any fantasies? But would that feel real? The rest of the day passed by in a blur and as soon as I got home, I decided to give a shot. If it didnít work I wouldnít lose much. Just the hope of finding a place, a person with whom make my fantasy a bit more real.

So, I changed into my favorite woman's lingerie I had, a black laced set of bra and thong, with garter and thigh high black stockings, and I called. The woman that answered the call had a potent voice, like the one you would expect on a drill sergeant. She greeted me and immediately asked me why I was calling, what fantasy I wanted to fulfill. For a moment, years of hiding my true nature, shut my throat and I was incapable of uttering a word. Noticing my nervousness, she took another route to getting to me. She started asking me my name, the things I liked, slowly loosening me. Then she asked me how did I like women to be: sexy? Submissive? Slutty? Dominant?

When she asked me that one, I didnít hesitate. My answer must have shown all my contained desire, because she immediately recognized my need.

"Now, John, we're getting somewhere. From this moment on, you'll call me mistress and I'll be the one dictating the rules of this play, and your job will be to obey me no matter what, is that clear?" she didnít raise her voice, yet the commanding tone in her voice was more than enough to send shivers down my spine and to make my cock stand, against its lacy prison. I accepted, with shaky voice and she resumed questioning me. And her first question was about my darkest fantasy, and this time she didnít let me hide behind my nerves or my shyness. And I finally admitted I would love to become a sissy man.

"Are you wearing woman's clothes right now? Describe them to me." was her first question. And I didnít even think in disobeying.
"Aren't you a little slut? Does your little cock fit into that little thong?" her mocking tone, blasted rushes of arousal through my whole body, making my cock throb.
"Yes, mistress." I moaned.
"Don't you dare touching yourself without my consent. From now on, you're my toy, my living doll, for me to dress up, and handle to my own pleasure, not yours, never yours, do you understand? Your sole purpose in life is to please me."

The command in her voice was impossible not to accept, with just a few words she had me under her spell, and I donít even know how long lasted the call, but she made me experience all I had been craving for, with her words, her orders and the way she made me dance to her music. I was his, completely, her doll, like she called me.

I try not to call every day, because I'm afraid I'll get even more addicted to her, but I do it every time I allow myself to, and like the guy in the cafeteria I recommend this phone sex with all my heart. I have never been this happy before. If you'd like to have a chat with a fellow sissy man, who'se also into sissy things and sissy phone sex numbers, you can always drop me an e-mail.